Bluelounge Mika Tablet Stand Looks Like an iMac

Bluelounge MikaThere’s no need to have your tablet stand fade into the background – the Bluelounge Mika aims to be both functional and a working part of your office aesthetic.

The stand, which can accommodate tablets and smartphones of any size, is made of aluminum, and looks like it could be an Apple product in its own right. If you’re going for the Apple look in your bedroom or office, this will do nicely. The edges on the top and bottom of the stand are rubber, so your device won’t get scratched up or move around while you’re using it with the stand. It’s also big enough to hold most notebooks, if you want to clear up some desk space and aren’t using your notebook at the moment. The only knock on the Mika is that the angle isn’t adjustable.

The Mika is selling from Bluelounge for about $40.

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