Now this is a Bottle Opener

bottel 620x319 Now this is a Bottle Opener

Who knew a nail and essentially a wooden doorstop would make such a handy tool?! If you’re going for that rustic, barnyard look in your home, this bottle opener on Areaware should fit right in.

After all, nothing says rural living like a nail sticking out of a plank of wood, right? Fortunately, this plank of wood is a well-finished chunk of walnut, so it should look pretty nice alongside your existing home décor. Of course, it’s more useful than just being a piece of wood with a nail in it. That nail is actually magnetic – it’ll be strongly attracted to bottle caps, making this a pretty handy bottle opener that shouldn’t slip off when you try to use it. The back of the plank has a second magnet that you can use to toss this onto the refrigerator once you’re done.

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The top part features the walnut in its natural glory, while the bottom part can be dipped in one of four colors – black, blue, red, and white. You can get this bottle opener from Areaware for $14.