Someone Get the Breathometer to Lindsay Lohan – STAT!

They’re not exactly right about it being the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer – see the iBreath – but the Breathometer certainly looks like it will be the first modern one, so to speak.

Modern in this case means that it’ll have a partner app and social features, because that’s what we do now. Breathometer plugs into the headphone jack of mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean ubiquity – the partnered app is only confirmed for iOS and Android. It’s around the size of one of those FM transmitters, and will be able to tell you your blood alcohol content through that app, which you can download for free.

Breathometer is looking for the last bit of funding they need through Indiegogo. They plan to add more functionality to the app, like providing easy ways to contact transportation services like taxis if the breathalyzer reads that you’ve had too much to drink. The app should also store a history of your BAC readings, if that’s something you like to share with friends. Personal responsibility is still going to be needed – all a breathalyzer tells you is whether or not you’re over the legal limit, not whether or not you’re putting yourself or others at risk by driving. Hopefully no one will feel emboldened and make poor decisions after seeing they are just below the legal limit.

Breathometer is looking at a summer release for $20. Once the Indiegogo page is up, pledge rewards will vary from pre-orders of the device to free lifetime upgrades from Breathometer.

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