Cadillac Ups the Ante on Safety Features

Cadillac is looking to give drivers a little extra help in a few of their 2013 models, with everything from backing out of the driveway to chugging through miles of traffic.

All of the new features are made possible by an extensive array of sensors, cameras, radars, and screens that are placed on the inside and outside of the vehicle. The 2013 Cadillac ATS sport sedan, XTS luxury sedan, and SRX luxury crossover can all be equipped with these new gadgets, which help make braving the roads a little safer. Altogether, the new devices are part of Cadillac’s new Driver Assist Package, which will be an optional feature on those three models.

Most of the features are complemented by the Safety Alert Seat, which vibrates when any part of the car senses some kind of a threat. Rear Cross Traffic Alert is particularly useful for when you’re backing out – sensors on the back and side of the car will activate when dangers from the left or right present themselves. A good example would be the guy who decides to tear down your street just as you’re backing out – your seat will vibrate on the left or right side, depending on where that threat is coming from. Forward collision alert tells you if you’re approaching an object ahead of you too quickly by making both sides of the seat vibrate. Of course, you can also accomplish that by paying attention to what’s going on in front of you, and maybe not driving so fast. If you somehow ignore all of those warnings, automatic braking will kick in if you get too close to another object, although Cadillac has indicated that that will only be true for “certain driveway, parking lot and heavy traffic conditions.” The seat will also give you a nudge if you start drifting into an adjacent lane.

There’s also a rear vision camera, which is always handy when attempting the daring maneuver known as parallel parking. This camera goes one step further, providing yellow and red markings to outline your vehicle’s turn radius, so you can quickly figure out whether or not you’re fighting a losing battle. Full Speed Adaptive Cruise Control will be able to function while managing speed decreases in certain contexts, like when you approach a toll booth. The vehicle’s automatic features will ensure that you keep a safe distance between you and the next car.

It should go without saying, but Cadillac representatives have rightly said it anyway – these aren’t replacements for safe driving habits. They should be nice helping hands to have nonetheless.

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