Case Scenario’s Pantone Snap Case for iPhone 5 Review

Pantone knows color and Case Scenario knows iPhone cases. Together, you get a beautiful iPhone 5 case that any graphic designer would be proud of. Pantone is the world renowned authority on color and with the Snap Case your iPhone 5 becomes its very own color swatch. Choose from 14 incredibly vivid and high quality Pantone colors.

The Case Scenario Pantone Snap Case for iPhone 5 is as simple as it gets in design, just the way we like it. As the name implies, it’s a one-piece snap-on case, and it fits iPhone 5 perfectly. Rather than individual button and port openings, there’s just large cutouts for super easy access. With almost the whole bottom exposed, there’s a good chance iPhone will still fit in a dock. It fit in my JBL OnBeat Micro Charging Speaker iPhone 5 dock.

There’s a number of Pantone color options to choose from; we tried to tone it down with Astronaut silver. The website does this color no justice. The finish on the back of the case is outstanding and the Astronuat color has an amazing shimmer to it. It’s very clean and modern looking. With this particular color it almost looks like our black iPhone’s is going through an identity crisis with its white and silver iPhone 5 sibling. The sides are also white and have Case Scenario logos imprinted all the way around. It’s a fun touch but also adds to the really nice grip.

The Pantone Snap is protective enough if you’re careful with your iPhone. The case falls flush with the screen so you’ll want to use a screen protector. The case is thick enough to protect iPhone from drops, and thin enough to keep the weight and form minimal. Since the top and bottom of iPhone are exposed, it’s susceptible to scratches and scuffs.

Case Scenario’s Pantone Snap Case is for iPhone users who want to add a clean and sophisticated look to their device with a bit if protection. It’s light, thin, comfortable, and snazzy. Plus, there’s 14 authentic Pantone color options to choose from and it’s a great conversation piece for anyone in the design world. The Case Scenario Pantone Snap Case for iPhone 5 is currently available from Amazon for $34.95.

The Good: Beautiful finish, Color options, Minimalistic, Light and comfortable, Great access to ports and buttons, Nice grip
The Bad: Back shows smudges, Scratches Quickly, Not enough protection for iPhone’s face

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