Diane von Furstenberg Knows How You Want to Carry Your iPad

dvfIt’s called a Printed Canvas Case for iPad, but it’s more of a stylish handbag for your beloved tablet, from one of the most beloved designers out there.

The bag fits all generations of iPad – the 4th generation isn’t explicitly named, but there won’t be anything stopping you from putting one in unless the bag has secret iPad 4-destroying death rays. It’s not form fitting, so there’s no reason you can’t tote around any sort of tablet in this bag, for that matter. The design itself is black and white, and has kind of a fishbone look. Or, maybe it looks like a leaf. I don’t know, but it looks like you’ll be getting both a Rorschach test and an iPad handbag for your money. Not a bad deal.

You can grab the Printed Canvas Case for iPad on the Saks Fifth Avenue online store for $225.

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