Dyson Hot + Cool AM05 Gives Us the Best of Both Worlds

A machine for all seasons, the Dyson Hot + Cool has officially gotten an upgrade, which you can buy for yourself as of now.

The Dyson Hot + Cool is both a portable heater and cooler, and does it all without blades. Air (at a rate of six gallons per second) gets drawn in through a huge hollow oval (a loop amplifier), which shoots out hot or cold air – whichever you need. The new model, the AM05, is an upgrade over the AM04, released a few years ago. The AM05 increases the velocity of cool air 33 percent over the AM04.

The Dyson Hot + Cool costs 30 percent less to use than your standard fan heater, and has some handy features to make it a very efficient choice for cooling. The AM05 automatically keeps the temperature between 33 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit, and can also be set to a desired temperature for cooling. Once that temperature is reached, the device will shut itself off. As an extra safety feature, the device will shut off automatically if it falls over.

As of yesterday, the Dyson Hot + Cool is available for about $400. You can get it in nickel/nickel, iron/blue, black/nickel, and white/silver.

Update 4/29/2013: Check out our full review here

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