$1000 Easter Egg Looks Too Good to Eat


easter-eggHow could you eat it? Every bite would have the bitter, bitter taste of buyer’s remorse.

Then again, I’m not sure what else you’re going to do with an over two foot tall hunk of chocolate once Easter is over. Until then, you can admire some seriously impressive handiwork – who knows, chocolate might be the next great art medium once people get a look at this thing. Also, this has to be the ultimate Easter egg hunt prize, and godspeed to the parent whose child wins that one.

This guy will loom large over any and every Easter dish on the table this year – an imposing 30” of chocolate standing tall. It’ll even be heavier than the ham or whatever your meat of choice is, at a hefty 22 pounds. If you’re in New York, you can throw down a grand and pick it up from Sugar and Plumm‘s Upper West Side store.

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