Facebook News Feed Get a New Look

Changes are coming to Facebook, and as far as facelifts go, this is a big one.

The functionality of Facebook won’t change too much, but what you see will be much different. Pictures and stories on your news feed will appear much larger than before, and in richer color. The chat bar will be taken out and thrown over to the left, where it becomes part of a narrow, black bar with quick links to apps, events, messenger, photos, frequent chat buddies, and what looks like it will probably be a link to the new Graph Search. That bar can be pulled out a little to the right to give more information, and you can collapse it again just as quickly.

Over on the right, you’ll have recommendations and (larger) ads. More importantly, you’ll be able to control probably the biggest change to Facebook in this update from the top right. There will be several feeds you can now peruse, aside from the venerable news feed. All Friends will show just what your friends are sharing, Photos will show all photos posted by friends and ages you like, and Music will feature posts related to the music you listen to – possibly a way to dig into the revamped MySpace’s functionality, just in case Facebook felt like it needed to do that. There will also be a Following feed, which only shows posts from people you follow.

In practice, it doesn’t look like you’ll be interacting with Facebook that much differently, besides jumping from feed to feed – no functionality has been added or removed from the main page, and everything is more or less in the same spot, besides the chat bar. What the change does do is make more efficient use of space, allowing those stories and pictures on your feed to become much larger and, Facebook hopes, more engaging. The Web version of Facebook will now be almost identical to the tablet and smartphone apps. Many have also remarked that much of the new appearance looks similar to the layout of Google+, and those people are not altogether incorrect.

You can check out a little more about the changes using the link below, or you can just wait a couple weeks – it’ll hit you soon enough.


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