Ford2Go Brings Car Sharing to Germany

During his speech at Mobile World Congress, Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford, hinted at something every major car manufacturer probably already knows – fewer people are going to be interested in buying cars in the future. There are plenty of reasons for that – increased urban congestion, lower-income people being priced out of the market, and cars becoming less practical for the daily lives of a lot of urban dwellers.

That’s why Ford, like a few other auto makers, is getting in on car sharing. Car sharing is like renting a car, but usually on an hourly basis, rather than a daily basis. It’s ideal for a group of people who want to carpool, splitting the cost of a shared car for the day without having to worry about parking and gas for individual cars.

Ford2Go is starting in Germany, in partnership with FHD GmbH, a group of dealerships, and DB Rent GmbH, which runs another car sharing program in Germany. Initially, the program will be better suited for Europe, where urban streets tend to be smaller, narrower, and less suitable for heavy traffic. But, as time goes on, you can expect to see this kind of program in the United States, too.

Ford joins a few other car companies, like Daimler, BMW, and Volkswagen, in implementing a car sharing network. BMW’s and Daimler’s offerings have already started popping up in North America, if you’re interested in the idea of car sharing, but don’t want to wait for Ford.

Over in Germany, Ford2Go will be supported by an iOS and Android app that allows users to quickly find and book cars. Ford2Go will start up in Q2 of this year, with over 500 cars expected to be available in 50 dealerships across Germany.

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