Sponsored Video: GE Stunning Feats of Laundry

GE has something new for you, and it is of paramount importance that you keep it a secret from your kids.

Kids are the most prolific mess makers known to the world, wreaking havoc of staggering magnitude. Now, keep in mind that’s with them being aware (however slightly) that mom and dad will have a massive clean-up job to face. Shirt-to-pants grass stains, food going everywhere but the mouth hole, and splotches so bizarre that you’ve had to start a pool with the other parents laying bets on what the stain actually is. It’s as if they’re displaying an almost professional commitment to their craft.

So, just imagine what will happen if they find out about GE’s new washers, which promise to make even those stains a cakewalk to clean. You have to know they’re going to step their game up once those shirts start coming back as white as they were pre-mud bath, without any apparent effort on your part. It’s the role of children to do everything possible to make you feel like you earned parenthood. If you tell them about the new washer, and come home the next day to find a slip ‘n’ slide powered by grape juice, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Don’t let the home turn into the site of the world’s next spiraling-out-of-control arms race. Keep this one under wraps. If the kids ask about the new washing machine, just tell them it’s an old one from their uncle. Maybe give it a few dings on the side if you think they’ll need convincing. Meanwhile, you can check out GE’s noble but failed attempts to outdo your kids by watching their Stunning Feats of Laundry series, touting the power of their washers.

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