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Green Day’s American Idiot Earns Its Own Converse Sneaker

For all those interested in the sneaker world, brand new Chuck Taylors out and ready for your judgment and/or money. Four of those new kicks are bringing back some Green Day classics.

The new line of Converse sneakers includes throwbacks to three Green Day albums from a while ago (not their new triptych of albums). Two high-tops feature artwork from the American idiot album, while the Kerplunk high-top goes straight green. There’s also a sneaker done up like the essential classic, Dookie. The American Idiot shoes might be a dicey sell, depending on how you feel about that album. It’s not quite old enough to get you too nostalgic, and it’s from that middle era of a band’s life. No throwback cred, and that’s pretty much what Chuck Taylors thrive on. Dookie and Kerplunk, on the other hand, are certified classics of pop punk, and are pretty much guaranteed to please any Green Day fan out there, even if the Kerplunk sneakers are really just plain green Chuck Taylors.

All four Green Day Chuck Taylors are available now for $60 each.

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