Health Meets Tablet Accessory with the Griffin MouthStick Stylus

HIMSS13 is an exhibition going on right now in New Orleans, and is putting the spotlight on the intersection between technology and healthcare. Among many products debuted was the Griffin MouthStick Stylus, a stylus that can be used by double amputees, quadriplegics, or those with motor disabilities.

The stylus is worn in the mouth as a mouthpiece – there’s a Y-shape stainless steel mouthpiece that can be sheathed in non-latex, BPA-free rubber covers that can be sterilized after use. The mouthpiece fits securely, so it doesn’t slide around or cause undue fatigue to the user. The aluminum stylus extends 12” from the mouthpiece, and the angle can be adjusted for more comfortable use. It terminates with a silicone rubber tip that can be used with any capacitive touchscreen – so, that’s pretty much all of them, these days.

The Griffin MouthStick Stylus will be available sometime in Q2 for about $30. Replacement silicone tips and rubber mouthpiece covers will also be sold.

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