Heineken Dances with Vine at the Ultra Music Festival


Heineken is using Twitter’s newest toy to give everyone a taste of what’s going on at the Ultra Music Festival taking place last weekend and this coming weekend in Miami.

Heineken, which is the official beer sponsor of the Ultra Music Festival, is encouraging everyone to do the Vinestep – kinda like dubstep, I guess, but more inclusive. Basically, just dance around a bunch, make a Vine, and submit it to their website. Submissions are handled via Twitter – just post up your Vine with the #VineStep hashtag.

Your sweet dance moves and/or spastic gyrations may be featured on the site, which is a little hokey. It’s six Vines lined up playing simultaneously along to some generic electronic music. But hey, if you couldn’t make it to Miami and it makes you feel like you’re a part of the Ultra Music Festival, that’s all that matters.

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