Darth Vader Planetarium Brings the Empire to your Bedroom

Missed opportunity? Seems that way.

You can see the stars of the night sky coming out of Darth Vader’s head with this home planetarium. I say missed opportunity because Vader will be showing off our own boring galaxy, rather than a much more interesting galaxy far, far away. Making a star map of the Star Wars galaxy and sticking it in Vader’s head would have been an all-time Star Wars merchandise hit. Then again, I guess they could have just said that’s what this planetarium is, and I don’t think anyone would have ever put up an argument.

So, missed opportunity, either way.

Anyway, there’s also a TIE fighter that looks like it’s the size of something like 500 of our Solar Systems flying in there, too. Maybe everything is just really big in the Star Wars galaxy, I don’t know. The Homestar Darth Vader Planetarium will be available on April 1st on Japan Trend Shop, but you can pre-order one now. It’ll cost $80, plus $30 for shipping.

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