Earn Your Shawarma with this Badass Iron Man Mark VII iPhone 5 Case

Your iPhone 5 is about to take a turn for the heroic, with maybe the most involved smartphone case ever.

The Iron Man Mark VII is a brand new iPhone 5 case, conveniently coming your way with ample lead time into the release of Iron Man 3. The case fit for an industrial billionaire is robust enough to be a two-piece set that clicks together in the middle, so you can actually feel like your iPhone 5 is suiting up for action. The part of the suit where the electromagnet would go is actually a white LED light, too. Best of all, it doesn’t sacrifice style for a camera hole – you can pop off one of the shoulders if you want to take a picture, then put it back on to get the full Iron Man vibe back.

You can pre-order the Iron Man Mark VII protective case on Brando for $49., and you can expect it on your iPhone 5 sometime in April.



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