iSpoon Kitchen Stylus is a Multitasker’s Dream

Maybe don’t use it with your regular tablet – tomato sauce on your iPad is not ideal. But, if you have one of the many kitchen-friendly tablets that have been produced over the last few years, you might want to grab the handy iSpoon Kitchen Stylus.

The stylus is one half wooden tasting/stirring spoon, one half rubber stylus. If you’re making and tasting sauces, you’ll probably want to dry that spoon part off prior to using the stylus to avoid a big drippy mess. Then again, if you do have one of those kitchen tablets, it shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

The iSpoon Kitchen Stylus is selling for $7 off Umbra. I’m guessing you’ll want to use this strictly as a tasting spoon, though. Maybe don’t use it to stir, because I can’t imagine that rubber part would be too fun to clean afterwards.

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