Jabra Play and Tag Accessories Transform Headphones into Wireless

Jabra is rounding out its audio offerings this year with two personal Bluetooth headset speakers – the Jabra Play and the Jabra Tag.

Both do roughly the same thing – connect to your Bluetooth devices, letting you listen to music or make calls while wearing mic-equipped headphones or earphones. The Jabra Play is a tiny cylinder you can wear around your neck or clip onto a piece of clothing. You’ll be able to stream music or calls over Bluetooth from any mobile devices you have on you to the Play. You also have the option of connecting to two devices at once – the Play will let you toggle between them easily.

The Jabra Tag looks more like a dog tag. It’s essentially the same as the Play, but can only connect to one device at a time, and doesn’t have a clip. There’s also an FM radio built in, and the Tag comes with a pair of noise-isolating earphones.

The Jabra Play has a battery life of about six hours, and will sell for about $60. The Jabra Tag promises seven hours of music or eight hours of talk time, and will sell for about $70. Both come in black and white colors, and will be available online and in stores sometime in April.

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