Retro Just Went Wireless With the Lasonic Boombox

Lasonic has made a pretty mean-looking new throwback boombox. The black and electric blue Lasonic i-931 BT is equipped with dual 15 watt speakers and bass and treble controls. That, the large size, and the handle gives this thing all the boombox cred it needs. They are no strangers to making retro-tastic boomboxes sporting modern technology, a couple of years ago they did the same thing but until now the company has been pretty quiet.

Of course, like any good boombox released today, it has an ample helping of modern technology to back it up. Unlike the iHome iP4 or previous Lasonic offerings, this isn’t an iPod/iPhone dock, but those are probably a dying breed thanks to Bluetooth speakers, anyway. This boombox does indeed have Bluetooth support, as well as USB and auxiliary input. If you have music stored on SD or MMC cards, you can use those, too. An AM/FM radio with 20 presets is also on-board, along with a headphone jack. No CD or cassette playback here, though – it’s not that old-school, I’m afraid.

You can get the Lasonic i-931 BT straight from the source for $170. If you want to pay your hip tax, you can also get it from Urban Outfitters, where it’s been marked up to $220 for some reason.


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  1. I don’t like the new lasonics boom boxes at all I have two of them and they suck made to cheap,lasonics can d better but wont

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