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Lipault Foldable Packing Case: The Perfect Suitcase For Tight Spaces [Review]

Foldable luggage that transforms from a 19.3″ deep suitcase into a 4″ deep packing case? It almost seems like something out of science fiction, or at least something very high tech. Yet, the concept behind Lipault’s new Foldable Packing Case is neither, yet all the same, it’s a dream come true for travelers. That is because Lipault Paris has taken their soft 2-wheeled luggage and made it into a foldable packing case.

Available in 22″, 26″ and 28″ sizes, we tested out the 28″ case. The case comes complete with everything you would expect in a good packing case. That includes 2 reinforced wheels, a large zipped pocket on the front, 2 carrying handles, an expandable aircraft-grade aluminum retractable handle, and a luggage tag. On the inside, the main compartment offers two tie-down straps, a small zipped side pocket, a large zipped pocket on the inside cover, an integrated folding system, and monogrammed lining. A transparent PVC storage bag is also included to store the packing case.

We tested the 28″ 2-Wheeled Foldable Packing Case on a recent trip to Spain. The luggage traveled with us to four airports, countless cabs, two hotels, and on a long distance train ride. During the course of our travels, we came to appreciate that the carrying handles are wrapped in the same soft rugged nylon twill fabric material as the luggage itself and how they are very comfortable to grip. We also appreciated how easy the wheels are to maneuver. Inside, the 28.3”x19.3”x10.2′ case had plenty of room for us to pack a week’s worth of clothing and accessories, with room left to bring back souvenirs.

Being a New York City apartment dweller, we can’t emphasize ho much we appreciate the fact that the foldable packing case folds down into a much more compact size. When you live in a small apartment, closet space and space in general is at a premium, which is part of the reason why we’re so smitten with this piece of luggage.. Sure, duffel bags are foldable – but when you’re doing some serious traveling, you want to use “real” luggage”. Furthermore, we also like that the luggage weighs just 7.8lbs on its own. That makes it easier to lift, and also ensures that it doesn’t weigh down the weight scale when you check it in.


Despite being able to compact this luggage down in size, Lipault’s Foldable Packing case packs in all the important features you would want in a large suitcase – including 2 wheels and a sturdy expendable handle, and plenty of compartments. Fashionistas will appreciate Lipault’s unique and quite chic but minimalist look, and the fact that this foldable packing case comes in a choice of 9 vibrant colors. Lipault’s 28″ 2-Wheeled Foldable Packing Case retails for $249.

The Good: Perfect for apartment dwellers and anyone living in tight spaces, great color choices, truly foldable luggage, lightweight, comes with a polyurethane bag for storage, easy to use expandable handle with good wheel handling, available in several sizes, comes with a 3 year guarantee, and wears well for soft luggage.

The Bad: This is soft luggage – so it’s not going to protect fragile cargo very well unless it’s packed full and lighter colors tend to show dirt.

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