Holy Mother of Pearl, Check out the Mobiado m|Headset

mHeadset_BBUsually, Mobiado, known for their luxury tech, puts out things that can’t often be described as practical. Their new Bluetooth m|Headset, while very much a luxury item, features construction that may reflect what we’ll see in mainstream gadgets soon.

The Bluetooth headset wraps around the ear, and should be light enough to wear comfortably. The construction is solid, high-quality, and not cheap. The m|Headset is made of anodized aircraft aluminum, sapphire crystal, and mother of pearl. That’s fancy, but not just for the sake of being fancy – all three of those are some seriously hardy materials. I don’t know what you do with your Bluetooth headsets, but if you absolutely have to have one that won’t break on you, it’ll be this one. In fact, you might even be seeing a form of sapphire crystal replacing Gorilla Glass on smartphone screens in the future.

The Mobiado m|Headset is available in Black Mother of Pearl or Gold Mother of Pearl. Like always with Mobiado, there is no price given. If you really want to know the horrible truth, you’ll have to bark up their tree. But, you know what they say about having to ask.

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