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Nooka Zub Zano 40 Makes Your iPod Nano 6G Still Feel Relevant [Review]

With all these new smart watches coming out, it was only a matter of time until the iPod Nano watch resurfaced. After all, the interface is beautiful (and officially Apple-y), there’s a bunch of awesome watch faces, the screen is vivid, and the battery life is not bad by any means, plus it’s a full Apple iPod with a bunch of features. This time around, the quirky watch manufacturer Nooka has graced our arm with the Zub Zano 40 iPod Nano watchband, a high quality and lightweight polyurethane band and holster.

Until Apple comes out with their own smart watch, the sixth generation iPod Nano will be the closest thing we get. The Zub Zano 40 helps the dated iPod Nano compete with the brand new Smart Watches in terms of style and sophistication. We just reviewed the I’m Watch Smart Watch and have to admit we prefer the look of the Nano and Nooka band. Plus, the nano has superior watch faces and a much better battery life.

The Zub Zano 40 has a few characteristics that differentiates it from just about any other watch band out there. The face of the watch is the iPod Nano, which is slid tightly into a holster frame. This frame leaves iPod’s buttons, charger, and headphone port easily accessible. Interestingly, this frame isn’t permanently or even semi-perminently attached to the band. In fact, both sides of the band slide right off from the holster frame. You’d think this is an easy way to lose your watch, but it actually stays on very tight while you’re wearing it. The band is easily removable for two reasons. Firstly, you can swap out the band for other Nooka straps. Secondly, it’s an easy way to remove your watch while keeping your band in a tight setting you like.

The band is polyurethane, light, and comfortable. Another notable feature is that the excess strap can tucked underneath the band for a more seamless design. Once it’s tucked in, it’s tricky to untuck, but that’s why it’s nice you can simply slide the band from the iPod Nano holster and maintain your perfect fitting.

The Zub Zano 40, by Nooka, is available in Fire Engine Red, Deep Blue, or Processed Black. It sells for $49.99, which is more than your average iPod Nano Watch Band, but it looks and feels high quality, and can easily pay itself off in compliments. It’s available as of Today from Nooka.com. Unfortunately, the Sixth Generation iPod Nano is no longer available from Apple. Currently, you can find it new for under $150 from Amazon, or you can try your luck on eBay.

The Good: High quality build, Great design, interchangeable bands, comfortable, and competes nicely against smart watches.

The Bad: May not get tight enough for very small wrists and iPod Nano 6th Generation is discontinued.

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