The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pick-Pocket Proof Pants

Alright, zippers, buttons, and pockets-within-pockets aren’t exactly brand-new, cutting edge technology, but I’m not sure this many of each have ever been packed into one pair of pants.

Clothing Arts is selling what they claim to be pick-pocket proof pants. In fact, they’re so certain of that, that’s what they went ahead and called them. They’re made of nylon, which also means they’re moisture wicking and don’t wrinkle. Most importantly, these things are loaded with pockets. The right rear pocket has both a button and a zipper, as does one of the side cargo pockets. The front pockets both have zippers and internal pockets that fit smartphones up to 5”. A pocket inside a pocket. No, I’m not going to make that joke.

The pockets inside pockets thing is actually a pretty good idea if you are concerned about pickpockets – it’s a good way to add an extra layer of protection without resorting to more obvious methods that scream “Look at me, I’m afraid of my stuff getting stolen!” That’s typically considered bad practice when around pickpockets, or so I’ve been told. Seems like good advice.

Clothing Arts has Pick-Pocket Proof Pants for women, which can also be rolled up into capris. They’re about $100 per pair, and come in grey, khaki, and olive.

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