Pope Alarm App Goes Off, When the Vatican Smoke Goes Up

The Vatican is probably going to be sending some smoke signals about electing a new pope sometime soon. But, maybe you won’t be able to see those smoke signals from your window, or get online, or be able to wait a few minutes until it’s impossible to not know that there’s a new pope.

If any or all of those are the case, go get yourself to PopeAlarm.com. Ever since Pope Benedict XVI got out while the getting was good, the Vatican has been working on getting his replacement in. The conclave is huddled up now, and will elect the next man to don the Pope Hat soon. The Pope Alarm service is being run by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), and will definitely be issuing email notifications as soon as the new pope has been decided upon. They might get the notification to you by text, too, but the site currently says that’s up in the air, due to huge demand. Signing up will also get you Twitter updates about the conclave via @popealarm.

So, get signed up if you want to celebrate the accession of a new pope, or if you want to know whether or not to cash in your winnings. You know, everyone has their reasons.

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