R2-D2 Swimsuit is Ready For a Pool Party

ArtooCSBS_05_1024x1024Spring has officially kicked off, and for at least some of you, that means beach season is getting close. This year, you can make the beach feel a little more like your own personal Tatooine. It’s like bringing the great indoors of your Star Wars fandom out into the sunlight with you.

Black Milk is selling an R2-D2 swimsuit made of mostly polyester. It’s a stretchy, full-print recreation of R2-D2’s body, except this swimsuit and you are probably a lot more water resistant than the droid. We hope.



Making the ocean your far, far away galaxy will run you $105 AUD, which comes out to about $110 USD. This is coming from Australia, so if you don’t live there, shipping will cost $18 AUD ($19 USD).

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