Watch Every Videogame from The Simpsons Here [Video]

screenshot_1014CollegeHumor has a new video out chronicling the rich history of video games. No, not in the real world, I’m pretty sure that’s been done to death by now. They’re running down the video games of The Simpsons, as they are played by Bart Simpson and some of his classmates with decidedly poorer taste in video games. And by Grandpa.

As particularly observant Simpsons fans have already noted, this is not an exhaustive list. Which, whatever. It gets the arcade essentials like Touch of Death and Larry the Looter. You can also remember with fondness the classic Hockey Dad, or you can just attend any under-18 hockey game anywhere. Martin plays My Dinner With Andre back in 1993, which ends up being a prophetic vision of the dialogue-driven games of today, just with airs.

There’s also the Waterworld game, with a level of quality befitting movie tie-ins. Also, I shudder to think what the 40 quarter asking price would be today with inflation. I also wonder if Milhouse ever made it into the water. I don’t think he did.

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