Swatch Celebrates Mom’s Knack for Nesting with Matryoshka Dolls and Watches


Well, it’s never too early to think about what to get mom for Mother’s Day. If your mom is down with traditional Russian gifts and Swatch watches, we’ve done your work for you.

Swatch is releasing their Kalinka-Malinka set of watches as a Mother’s Day special for 2013. There are three watches in the collection, which are stored inside classic Russian Matryoshka dolls. Once you open up the big doll, you’ll find a smaller one inside with the first watch around her waist. The next two dolls in the set will also be sporting watches, all of which have floral patterns in blue, red/yellow, and green that correspond with the patterns on the dolls they go with. In the set, there’s one watch each from Swatch’s Gent, New Gent, and Lady lines.

The Kalinka-Malinka set is available now on the Swatch online store for $195. If your mother’s ever told you that it’s what’s inside that counts, now you know what to get her.

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