Luggage Tags and NFC Technology Collide with Tag-a-Bag

Tag-a-Bag looks to bring lost and found up to speed with today’s technology, thanks to an assist from NFC and QR codes.

Tag-a-Bag is selling lost and found tags for $10 each. You can attach them to any of your bags, and the nice thing about these is that you don’t need to write any personal information on them. The key idea behind Tag-a-Bag is making it possible for the finder of your bag to get in touch with you without knowing any of your contact details. Should someone find your lost, tagged bag, they can either scan the QR code or tap the NFC marker on the tag. That will bring up Tag-a-Bag’s website (assuming the finder doesn’t have the Tag-a-Bag app), which will allow the finder to send you a message about where your bag is. You can also report your bag as lost using the Tag-a-Bag app, and leave a customized message that will be seen by whoever finds your bag.

Global lost and found is the main feature of Tag-a-Bag, but it has some extra social features that are worth checking out. You can tie your bag into social networks, mostly for the purpose of uploading your location by tapping the NFC marker. If you want to let your friends and family all know that you’ve arrived someplace, that will be a quick way to do it. Tapping your bag will also add your current location to a running travel log that you can go back and peruse, giving you a visual history of your travels. If you want, tapping your bag can even provide you with contextual information – if you’re at an airport, you can get hotel or rental car information through Tripit.

Tag-a-Bag tags cost $10 each, and there are no subscription fees for using the service. The $10 is all you’ll ever have to pay to use Tag-a-Bag.

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