USB Doughnut Humidifier is Calorie Free

USB Doughnut HumidifierBreathing is something you need to do a lot. So, if you live in a place where the summer heat sucks all the water out of the air, a humidifier is nice to have. What’s better than a humidifier? A tiny one that you can throw into a glass of water, like a tiny life preserver for your lungs.

The USB Doughnut Humidifier is a small, doughnut-shaped humidifier that works when placed into any container holding water. Plugging it into a USB port and putting it in water is pretty much all you need to do. You can have it run for three or six hours before shutting off on its own. Until then, it’ll produce steam around you that should make the summer months a little more pleasant when you can’t make it to the beach, or are in three-month hiding from the sun.

The USB Doughnut Humidifier is available in blue, white, and pink, and is selling from Brando for $16.

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