Who Knew Jaws Would Be So Yummy To Sleep In

If you always wished you could have been an extra in a Jaws movie, good news – dreams do come true. Kinda. Not really, but this is as close as you’re going to get.

The Chumbuddy is a way to get grubbed on by your stuffed piece of marine life of choice. They’re one part plush toy and one part sleeping bag, and admittedly look all parts comfortable. Snuggling up in a whale or an alligator is also possible, but there are no good monster features about either of those unless you count Free Willy, so you’ll have to go with the shark. You can also remove the dorsal fin of the shark and use it as a pillow, you monster. Why don’t you make some soup with it while you’re at it? Don’t come crying to me when Greenpeace shows up at your door.

The hungriest sleeping bag around is selling now for about $200, after $20 being knocked off the original asking price.

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