Windows Goes Blue for Intel Ultrabooks


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So far, we’ve heard little about Windows Blue, an update to Windows 8 due out possibly sometime this year. We’re not sure what’s changing, exactly, but one thing now seems to be certain – it’ll go along nicely with Intel’s new Haswell chips coming out this year.

Intel’s next-gen Haswell chips are aiming to combine the performance of Intel’s high-end core processors with the power efficiency of their tablet-friendly Atom processors – a combination that sounds ideal for hybrid devices.

A Cnet report suggests that ultrabooks and hybrid devices powered by Haswell chips this year may be coming with Windows Blue installed. Windows Blue is also reported to be more power efficient. The idea is to create hybrids and ultrabooks that can boast state-of-the-art processors that don’t die in a few hours’ time. I don’t know whether or not you’ll be able to start leaving your charger at home, but it sounds like this year’s devices will be much more impressive on the battery life front. Among other things, that will allow for more flexibility to use hybrid devices in a variety of situations, and support sleep mode for longer. That last part is key when combined with new Intel tech that continuously syncs Windows apps like Mail while the device is asleep.

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