Woouf Turns Retro Gear into Awesome Floor Cushions

Well, if you like the retro look, but don’t actually want to inconvenience yourself with tapes, records, and rolls of film, good news. You can just get some floor cushions instead.

Put your feet up on the turntable. Have a seat on the boombox. Can’t pass up the chance to say those things, right? Urban Outfitters has a few cushions available in the guise of past technology, ranging from kinda old to really old – there’s an analog camera, a boombox, and an analog camera. All three are stuffed with foam with a polyester outer cover that can be removed and put in a washing machine.


All three are from Woouf, a design house located in Barcelona, Spain. The Red Camera Floor Cushion and Black Boombox Floor Cushion are selling for £165, or about $250, each. The shorter Turntable Floor Cushion comes in at £155, or about $235.

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