WorldPenScan BT is a Personal Translator in Your Pocket

Maybe you like getting lost in foreign countries and foreign languages. It can be fun! But, you probably would like to know what you are eating.

WorldPenScan BT will help you with that. It’s a mobile translator tool that you’ll be able to use to, among other things, scan and decipher menus in foreign languages. The tool sort of resembles a box cutter, and features a scanner that can be ran over any text in front of you. The WorldPenScan BT isn’t a standalone product – you’ll need to pair it with an Android device (nope, no iOS) or a PC/Mac. When used with an Android app, WorldPenScan BT will be able to recognize and translate into 20 languages, including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. If you use it with the PC/Mac software, the number of compatible languages jumps up to a little less than 200. Using the WorldPenScan BT with a computer is probably better suited to those stuck with research materials in foreign languages.

Transfer of data between the two devices can be done via Bluetooth, which keeps things convenient for people on the go. In addition to simple translation, you can access dictionary and pronunciation tools, so you have a chance to order food without resorting to pointing at pictures and smiling. They’ve also managed to throw in some barcode reading functionality, just in case you need it.

If you have something lengthy to translate, using this tool might get a little tiresome, since you can only scan line by line. But, it’ll be handy in a pinch if you have nothing better, and it should work great for shorter texts. WorldPenScan BT is available now for about $200.

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