4 Future Technologies From AT&T That Will Blow You Away

There is a lot more going on at AT&T than just wireless service and pushing out hot new phones. At AT&T labs, the company is constantly working on developing mobile technologies that will one day shape the future. We got a sneak peak into some of their latest projects, and as futuristic as some of these new mobile centric technologies are, most of them are just a hop skip and a jump away from becoming available.

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1. Block Text Messaging While Driving

AT&T is constantly trying to educate the public about the dangers of texting and driving, but this latest technology goes one step further by actively stopping drivers from being irresponsible drivers. That is because SafeCell is able enforce rules both visually and audibly onto a phone. For example, SafeCell is aware of where you’re driving and will notify you of the driving laws in that area. So if you’re in an area where text messaging while driving is forbidden, you’ll be notified on your phone. As a matter of fact, on an Android phone, SafeCell even has the ability to block inbound and outbound text msgs. Talk about big brother at work! Meanwhile on iPhone it can’t block text messaging, but it can report a driver’s violations to the corporations. Which brings us to an important point, and that is that for now, this technology is designed specifically for corporations in mind that have a mobile work force, as well as corporations managing a mobile fleet. But it’s not difficult to imagine that this technology could trickle down to consumers to sometime soon.

2. Translate Text Messages on the Fly

The AT&T translator app is already available in the iPhone and Android app stores. This app offers real-time language translation while having a phone conversation. But as much as this technology is neat, AT&T has moved on to the next innovative real-time language translation tech. This time, they are going to make it possible for text messages to get automatically translated – all using your native text message client. No app required! The way it works, is that AT&T is using the cloud, and their Watson powered Speech API to recognize the text and automatically translate it before it reaches the receivers phone.

3. Control Your Remote Control

If you ever felt like remote controls have  along way to go, they have been listening. To that effect, AT&T’s Easy Remote app offers you an easy way to interact and control your TV via an iPad app. It has also been designed with accessibility in mind. So for example, it uses a speech API in the cloud to understand what your saying and automatically find the content you’re searching. So speak into the app and say “Find channel 13” and it does it for you!

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4. Multi-Character Voices for eBook Reading

Ebooks with audio are nothing new, but the StorEBook reader takes things to the next level. Geared especially towards kids, this tech brings several characters voices to an ebook reading – making the experience that much more engaging for parents and kids alike.


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