Airigami Balloon Dinosaur is Full of Hot Air


Those old dinosaur skeletons were getting a little dry, anyway. The people behind Airigami have a new way to shake up the trip to the local natural history museum – namely, by making the greatest balloon animal ever.

You’ll never look at those balloon dogs you get from the fair the same way again. Not after you see the acrocanthosaurus on display at the Virginia Museum of Natural History, a 20′ long by 10′ tall dinosaur made of inflated and twisted balloons. Airigami, a duo specializing in inflatable works of art, worked together with the museum to produce the dinosaur, which was made according to an actual cast of an acrocanthosaurus skeleton. The balloon version even got a seal of approval from the paleontologists at the museum.

The dinosaur, which went up earlier this week, is gone now (balloons not being known for their integrity), but Airigami’s Elastic Park project, which encompasses all of their dinosaur-making efforts, is still ongoing, so you can expect to see more terror lizards blowing up in the near future.

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