Amazon Cloud Drive File Sync Challenges Dropbox

amazon-cloud-drive-3-650x0Better late than never, right? If you’re interested in cloud storage, you probably haven’t been using Amazon Cloud Drive much, thanks to the lack of file syncing. If you do happen to use Amazon’s service (say, you got a bunch of free storage thrown your way), good news – file syncing is finally a part of Cloud Drive.

Now, you can download the Cloud Drive app on multiple computers (PC and Mac), and access your files from any one of them. If that sounds exactly like what Dropbox and friends have been doing for years and years, that’s because it is. So, now you can add Amazon to the list of cloud services you can use to take advantage of free storage space offered. Pretty soon, there will be so many cloud storage services out there, you’ll never to need to pay for a subscription to any of them. Unless we’re already at that point, I’m not sure.

In case you were wondering, Amazon Cloud Drive currently offers 5 GB of free storage.

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