Arcadie Brings Arcade Addictiveness to the iPad Mini

arcadieLast year, we took a look at Arcadie, a miniature arcade cabinet powered by slipping an iPhone into the cabinet. Now, the same retro gaming experience is coming to the iPad Mini.

Arcadie for iPad Mini is the same deal as the iPhone version, just a little bigger. That’s great, because the iPhone version looked a little uncomfortable to use, with the tiny joystick and screen. Seems like much hunching over and squinting would be in order. This cabinet has the luxury of being a little bigger. The joystick looks like it is the same size, but more space between the joystick and the two buttons on the right should make things a little more comfortable to use.

Your retro vibe is also going to get thrown off by the fact that the games, strictly speaking, aren’t the real deal – Alien Invaders, Blasteroids, and Ping are all knock-offs of the true kings of the arcade. The gameplay is more or less the same, but if you just know the slight differences are going to bug you to no end, this might not be a hit with you. If you just want some old time arcade fun and don’t care how you get it, have at it. You’ll be able to find the new Arcadie for iPad Mini soon on any number of online retailers. You can see the full list on the Arcadie website.

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