Birdees App Teaches Your Kids About the Birds and Bees


It’s finally happened. Maybe your kid is nine years old, maybe five, maybe 11, whatever. They’ve finally gotten curious, and have started asking questions. It’s time to have the talk – avoiding it only makes it worse.

But, it looks like parents of today might have an easier time with the sex talk, because there’s finally an app for that. It’s called Birdees, and it is a comprehensive manual on how to talk to your kids about stuff you don’t want to talk to your kids about (but you have to). After all, it’s better they learn from you than from the media or, worse, from their own experience. Giving kids a healthy, normal sex education is probably one of the best gifts you can give them for the future, so if you’re uneasy about having these kinds of discussions right now, this app might give you some welcome guidance.


The bulk of the content is related to sex education, but Birdees touches on other things, like internal bodily systems, dealing with strangers, having conversations, and being aware of social and physical boundaries. All of that content is broken up into modules, which in turn are optimized based on the child’s age and gender. Using those modules, you can build your child a little tree of knowledge, which will hopefully grow and flourish as they get older. As they do get older, Birdees helps you talk about more mature topics like HIV/AIDS, reproduction, and contraception.

Education is the surest form of prevention when it comes to just about anything sexual and negative, and Birdees does a pretty fair job of giving parents pointers on how to present these topics to their children in an age-appropriate, understandable way. It’s high-priced, at $12.99, but if you feel like you need some help to make sure your kids understand these topics – and, most importantly, the risks involved – it’s likely worth it.

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