April Showers Bring Blooming Sound Speakers


Spring is here, and all the flowers are in full bloom. So, too, is your iPhone, apparently. Yes, it looks like April Showers did bring May speakers that look like flowers??

Blooming Sound is a new amplifier dock for the iPhone, excluding the iPhone 5. Silly right? You would think a unique looking speaker like this would included the iPhone 5. Your own power cord will be supplying the charging power, while the design of the dock provides amplification for the iPhone’s speakers. I’ll leave it up to you whether or not the plastic amplifier looks more like a flower or an old phonograph, but I guess there’s appeal there either way. And, if you like color, it seems like you could do your own paint job, if you’re artistically inclined. It’s a regular blank canvas. I can see the appeal of bringing it to the MoMa Store, but is practicality seem more like an art installation versus a functional speaker…

Blooming Sound is selling now on the MoMA Store for $25. A discounted price of $22.50 is available to members only.

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