We Wish the Adventure Time BMO Interactive Buddy Was Real!

The killer part about Think Geek’s April Fools’ Day jokes is that they always seem like they could be real. So it goes with the Adventure Time BMO Interactive Buddy.

The Buddy would have made many a dream come true, bringing BMO out of Adventure Time and to you, complete with the ability to talk to you, play games, and presumably do weird junk when no one is watching. Looks like it would have worked by slotting an iPad into the BMO, then running an app that would provide the BMO face and games, like Fighting Lincolns.

Which, yeah. Pretty much sounds like a bunch of other iPad toys that are already being sold. The heartbreaker is that there’s no reason someone can’t make this. Of course, that’s the good news. Once enough people go vocal with their grief over this not being a real thing, we’re sure someone will set about rectifying that.

While you’re waiting for the BMO Buddy to get his or her console self into the real world, you can check out the rest of Think Geek’s April Fools’ Day jokes for this year. Have to think the Alien Chestbuster in a Can would have been a hit, too.

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