Condoms for Smartphones – or Overpriced Shrink Wrap?

p5861_s14207_column_grid_12Offering proof positive that the Internet marketplace is less about usefulness and more about selling bad jokes, we have Condoms for Smartphones. Yes, you can get rubbers for your precious tool, because you never know when you might need protection. Get it? Get the joke?

These plastic wraps stretch around the phone, and also block off any ports on your phone, so you won’t be able to use earphones. It’s probably only useful if you need to use your phone out in the rain, except not, because I guess it’ll probably muffle sounds coming into and out of your phone.

It’s not a full seal, but there are pieces of sealant tape included that you can stick on the back. So, if you wanted to use one at the beach, you could do so without worrying about sand getting all up in your smartphone’s private parts (probably not the case for actual condoms).

Each pack contains three “condoms” and three pieces of sealant tape, and it’s suggested that each one can be reused about three times, which is gross. If you really think this joke is that funny, you can get some Condoms for Smartphones on Firebox for a little over $18. Or, you know, plastic wrap. Probably already have some of that.


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