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If tax time got you tossing and turning over your financial situation, maybe it’s time to take a look at your credit score. One of the newest companies to offer such a service is Credit Sesame, and they’re offering that service for free.

Credit Sesame’s suite of services centers around their credit score reporting. You’ll get your Experian score free and updated monthly. But Credit Sesame offers more than a number. It puts your credit score into context, so you can figure out where you stand in terms of debt and loans, and how you’re doing against your peers.

Once you get your credit score, Credit Sesame aggregates all of your credit-related financial data into one place, and offers charts and analysis based on your individual situation. One benefit of that is being able to catch anything errant based on your Credit Sesame profile. Credit Sesame will even send you alerts if suspicious activity is found. Those alerts can be received daily, weekly, or monthly.

Recommendations on the most economical way to go about paying off mortgages, loans, and credit card debt is also given, as well as suggestions for what kind of loans to go after that will be the most friendly to your financial goals. Those recommendations will be updated on a rolling basis, along with changes in your financial situation.
Credit Sesame presents all this information in a way that is easy to digest. Some of this stuff can be unpleasant to look at – either because it’s confusing, or your financial situation isn’t a pretty picture. Credit Sesame keeps things very visual, leading with charts, graphs, and large graphics telling you how much money you can save per month based on their recommendations. Clicking through will allow you to dive deeper into the numbers, and figure out what you can and can’t do with your credit situation. There are also tools to manage credit card debt and new mortgages, available for free.

If doing your taxes brought you financial nightmares, Credit Sesame might be the thing to help you put those fears to bed. It’s all free, so if you’re concerned, you might as well give it a try.

This post has been brought to you by Credit Sesame. All opinions are 100% our own.

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