Deadpool Pencil Cup Will Terrorize Your Number Two Pencils

Apparently Deadpool got a little too mouthy for Gentle Giant’s liking. The punishment? Getting stabbed in the head with pencils, repeatedly. Seems harsh.

The polystone pencil cup from Gentle Giant has slots for about as many pencils, pens, and markers as the average person needs on their desk. You’ll even score two shuriken-shaped erasers in the deal, but they might as well just be desk decorations. Who’s going to be able to bring themselves to run those shurikens down to nubs? Right in front of Deadpool’s face, no less.

Despite being a pencil cup, this is also a limited edition collector’s item. Each one is hand painted and individually numbered, and there’s even a certificate of authenticity, which seems like it comes with an awful lot of things these days. Is there a file box where people keep these? I don’t know. Anyway, you can get the Deadpool Pencil Cup from Forbidden Planet for about £100, which comes out to around $155.

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