Celebrate Doctor Who Season 7 with the TARDIS AM/FM Radio

policeboxAs a sign that, collectively, we may be running out of merchandising ideas for the TARDIS (I almost kept a straight face), we have an AM/FM radio in the form of the Doctor’s time travel and money printing device.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. It’s an AM/FM radio. There’s an extendable antenna, and the lantern up top serves as volume control. There’s a headphone jack around back. At this point, I bet the Doctor wishes the real TARDIS could do half the stuff its been made to do lately. Maybe that’s a good thing, that the TARDIS can’t do those things. I’m guessing all of the companions would have thought Yahtzee was really boring, versus the whole interstellar time travel thing.

The Doctor Who TARDIS AM/FM Radio is available now for pre-order on Urban Collector for about $29. It’s slated to be shipped sometime in July of this year.

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