Dyson Hot + Cool AM05 Table Fan Review

It’s too hot, it’s too cold. That is what this Spring season has been like so far here in New York. So how do you remedy your home climate when you constantly have to keep fluctuating the temperature day by day, but really don’t want to put the heat on full blast or turn on your air conditioner just yet? Fortunately, The Dyson Hot+Cool offers the best of both worlds without sacrificing space or comfort.

We have had a go around with both the AM03 Pedestal Fan and the Dyson Hot AM04 Table Fan.  While both provided satisfactory results, they were simply either a cool fan or a portable heater. On the other hand, the new Dyson Hot+Cool AM05 resembles the Dyson Hot AM04, but it offers the option of not only warming you, but cooling you down too. This also means that the Dyson Hot+Cool offers the same engineering prowess and sophisticated look of its predecessor. This is a sleek and modern device that looks absolutely gorgeous as it bathes you in hot air – or refreshingly cool air.

The Dyson Hot+Cool comes with a new magnetized remote that rests very nicely at the very top of the fan, helping keep it safe from getting lost. The overall design of the fan/heater is still easy to clean. Its design also allows it to oscillate, tilt upwards/downwards, and it is very much energy efficient. And in order to kick the Dyson Hot+Cool into the ‘hot’ side of the fan, you just need to elevate the temperature to anything above 32 degrees Celsius. When doing this, you will see a red circle appear around the power button, indicating that you are now warming up your home or office.

While operating as a heater, the Dyson Hot+Cool is an excellent device that gets as high as 99 degrees Celsius. We are talking about a fan that will safely keep your toes warm and toasty. On the other hand, the ‘cool’ portion of the fan is actually a bit disappointing. It doesn’t go below 32 degrees Celsius, and even though the air blowing out of it is cool, it’s certainly not cool enough to forgo using an air conditioning unit on hot sweltering days. That said, as a complement to an air conditioner, it works excellently. However, on its own, it’s just a tad cooler than your basic fan, even with all its bells and whistles.


The Dyson Hot+Cool is a smart and extremely one-of-a-kind device that serves a dual purpose, and that is because it  both cools and warms you without having to have two separate devices.  It also looks nicer than any other heater or cooling fan you’ve ever seen, and it’s probably a lot safer. And somehow, thanks to state of the art engineering, Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology provides a powerful and long distance airflow that will quickly warm up or cool down any room. That said, while the hot side of the fan/heater is certainly the star here. The cool side does a good job of lowering the temperature in a room—however it’s hardly going to transform any room into an icebox.  Regardless, Dyson’s engineering and sophisticated design makes this fan a keeper.

The Dyson Hot+Cool is available in white, blue, and silver and retails for as low as $299 on Amazon. Also, now through May 12th, Dyson is offering 20% off their machines on Dyson.com and at retailers.

The Good: Dyson signature design and engineering hasn’t been lost on this new heater/fan combo. Includes neat magnetized remote. Heater function works very well. Safer than most fans and heaters, and also energy efficient. It may suffer from a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome but there is nothing monstrous about this device.

The Bad: The cool portion of the Dyson Hot+Cool won’t give you the chills. It’s pricier than most comparable fans and heaters.

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