E.T. is Finally Ready to Come Home – To You!


It only took 30 years! E.T is celebrating a big birthday and is coming back to earth for awhile to make a killing on some E.T. wares before heading back ‘home’. One of the most impressive celebratory pieces so far is the Extra Terrestrial Stunt Puppet Prop Replica. This life sized prop is just begging to be taken on a bike ride.

This 3-feet tall fella has all the detailing of the original from the movie. The look, feel, and incredible foam rubber and latex finishes really add authenticity to this prop. While many may think Drew Barrymore stole the movie with her cute face and anitics. It was E.T. that provided the heart and soul of the movie. With just the touch of a finger,a night bike ride in a hoodie an alien made us cry and opened our eyes and hearts to looking beyond the norm through the innocence of a child. Damn you Steven Spielberg and your classic 80’s movies!

The E.T. Stunt Puppet retails for $250 and will only be available for a limited run.

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