Everybody Do the Conga, Emilio Estefan Gets Monster Sound Machine Headphones

sound_machineEmilio Estefan may know how to conga, but does he know anything about headphones? Well Monster is certainly banking on it with their latest collaborative effort with the Miami Sound Machine man himself. Sound Machine by Monster headphones will be available exclusively at Target for 60 days in over-ear and on-ear versions. Monster is always thinking outside the box when it comes to collaborating with artists and companies – that includes everyone from Earth, Wind and Fire,  Vivienne Tam, Nick Cannon, to clothing companies like Diesel, EA, and many others. And it’s important to take into consideration that Monster chooses artists that are seasoned vets, whom actually offer an opinion on how they want things to sound – not just look.

And never an artist to shy away from being different, Estefan’s Sound Machine Headphones are inspired by both his passion and creativity. The headphones will come in a stand-out purple color with driver that will accentuate the percussion and vocals of latin music. But someone better make sure that Bieber doesn’t find out that someone stole his favorite color for headphones! And while the latin music has a knack for being very percussion heavy, it will be intersting to see how well these headphones pick-up every sonic detail.

Sound Machine by Monster will retail for both on-ear and over-ear versions $149.99 and $249.99, respectively. They go on sale on April 14th at Target.

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