Hello Kitty Child Protection Alarm Buzzer Keeps Pink Perps Away


Are we at peak Hello Kitty? No, I don’t suppose we are.

The Hello Kitty Child Protection Alarm Buzzer is proof positive that Hello Kitty can and will be slapped onto anything and everything. We are only scratching the surface right now in terms of possibilities. The little device in question is all about safety first – it’s a handheld alarm buzzer with a keychain. The idea is that kids can keep it with them if they need to walk home from school. If they feel threatened or unsafe, they can press a button, which will cause an (extremely loud) 90 decibel alarm to go off, which will definitely get the attention of more than a few people. It can also be used as a flashlight.

For what it’s worth, this is officially licensed by Sanrio. You can get the Hello Kitty Child Protection Alarm Buzzer from the Japan Trend Shop for $41, plus $12 for shipping.

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