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8 Incredible Things You Can Do with the Sony NEX-6 Camera

Sony NEX-6

Thanks to its 16.1MP APS-C format CMOS sensor, which is the same sensor found in a DSLR, the Sony NEX-6 camera with interchangeable lens is powerful enough to be a replacement for mid-range DSLR users. Alternatively, it can also serve as a night-out-on-the-town camera for DSLR users, for when they don’t want to be weighed down by too much bulk. Either way, the NEX-6 takes cues from one of our favorite cameras, the NEX-7, but offers a lighter body and several additional and very convenient features, including built-in Wi-Fi. We put the camera to the test in Park City, Utah, and came away impressed with not only the photo results – but all of the neat capabilities that this camera packs in.

1. Time Lapse

Thanks to downloadable PlayMemories Camera Apps, new functions can easily added to the camera. That includes Time Lapse (above) and Motion Shot…

2. Motion Shot

Kelly Schwarze021
Motion Shot

Motion Shot lets you take sequence of shots taken in continuous shooting mode and then have the shots superimposed. The results tend to be very trippy and help to create a ghost-like effect.

3. Wi-Fi Sharing

Taking photos with the NEX-6 at dinner, and then wirelessly transferring them to your smartphone, so that you can upload them to Facebook… Priceless.

Built-in Wi-Fi lets you wirelessly transfer photos and video to the PlayMemories Mobile app, which is available for both Android and iPhone. And once the photos are on your smartphone, the sky is the limit. If this feature doesn’t sound that exciting, just wait till you have tried it yourself and you get to see how convenient it is. Basically it means you can easily share your brilliant NEX-6 photos while you’re on the go, without ever having to touch a computer.

4. Effects

Thanks to built in camera effects, you can have pro-like effects instantly added to your photos, without ever touching a PC too. Some of the effects include Toy Camera, Pop Color, Posterization, Retro Photo, Soft High-key, Partial Color, and our personal favorite – High Contrast Mono, which lets you take some mean black and white photos with deep contrasts. Meanwhile, other effects, like the Pop Color picture help highlight a photo with extra vibrancy and fun colors.

High Contrast Mono
Louise Bishop003
Toy Camera. Credit: www.momstart.com
Helena Stone001
Pop Color

5. Panoramas

panoramaGary Kaye011
Photo Credit: Gary Kaye of intheboombox.tv

The NEX-6 has a Panorama mode that allows you take sweeping shots of vistas, etc.

6. USB Charging

It can charge via USB! You don’t even have to remove the battery from the camera. This is super convenient for traveling.


Kelly Schwarze015
With kit lens
zoom lensJeff Miller006
Capturing the jump with the Telephoto Lens

Thanks to its interchangeable lens system, you can swap out the NEX-6 kit lens with a powerful zoom lens, like the 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Telephoto Lens which allows for a 11x zoom range and an advanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization system. This lens is ideal for capturing great moments at sport events.

8. Cinematic Photo

Last but not least, the cinematic photo feature is yet another downloadable app that offers you a way to stitch together a trippy hybrid movie-still photo in which only a portion of the image is moving.


It’s also worth mentioning that the NEX-6 packs in several other premium features – including a dedicated exposure wheel, a XGA Tru-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder and a Fast Hybrid Autofocus system. These are features that help budding enthusiast photographers get the best picture possible, and are cool enough to even impress the pros. But as much as we’ve fallen head over heels for the NEX-6, we acknowledge that it’s not the camera for everyone. If you’re looking for a step up from a point and shoot, and also desire an interchangeable lens camera that offers a similar selection of picture effects and downloadable apps, then we highly recommend the NEX-5R which retails for $649 with its kit lens.

Either way, Sony’s NEX cameras uses the same sensor as their DSLRs, which means faster performance and better low light performance. And when it comes to the NEX-5R, this camera not only produces amazing photos, but it’s easy to use touchscreen interface teaches you about photography as you go along.

The Sony NEX-6 retails for $749, body only, and $899 with the kit lens.

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