Inflatable Sunlounger Cover Rocks out to Your Tunes

screenshot_1092It’s almost May, and that means it’s practically almost June, right? Summer might as well already be here.

When summer does come, you can be ready with this Inflatable Sunlounger Cover. Under the (often correct) assumption that outdoor sunloungers are unreasonably uncomfortable to lounge on, this inflatable cushion sets out to rectify the situation, and make summer lounging as comfortable as it should be. It’s cushy and made for outdoor use, being splash-resistant and made from reflective PVC plastic. And, in case you require that your summer accessories have sufficient gadget chops, this cushion packs in a couple of speakers and a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack, for use with stereos, mp3 players, or whatever else you have that plays music. I don’t know, maybe not phonographs.

The Inflatable Sunlounger Cover from BBTradesales will be available sometime in May, just in time for summer. It’ll cost about £30, which comes out to around $46.

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